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Purpose: Tikkun Olam(תִּיקּוּן עוֹלָם aka repair the world). It’s 2023 and the world is a bit crazy. I try to Increase joy and happiness around the world

I have a bachelors of science in engineering, and studied psychology and happiness at Yale. I’m certified in integrative nutrition, yoga and meditation and gut health.

I once gave a TEDx talk.
Back when YouTube allowed the analytics, I collected zero thumbs downs and 100% thumbs up. Maybe I got lucky. Check it out, decide on your own.

As an ExEngineer i use principals from (meta)physics, biology and your unique constitution and DNA so you can live your best life.

I’ve been a biohacker since childhood👶 and believe N=1 is the ultimate experiment.

I am a gut health thought leader, yoga, prayer and meditation teacher, and health coach and have a passion for helping people and companies grow. To be able to feel more comfortable with being seen🙈 and positively influence more of the 8 billion people being influenced today, here 🌎

I’ve invested in Nuerohacker Collective, Gravity Group and muSic House.

I’ve been fortunate to interview and learn from worldwide experts on a range of topics including psychology, business, health, mindset, spirituality, and principals of wealth.

One Great Gut Collective and One Great Gut Foundation trained me to be understand the microbiome a bit.

I follow principals of the One Great Gut Blueprint, which I reveal parts of here

My DNA🧬 gives me the ability to more easily magnify and expand the influence of people and brands. This is my unfair advantage.

They are often happy with my results.📈

Everyone has an unfair advantage.

In my childhood I discovered that I have the gift of healing.
Often it is through through my words, presence, stage presence and touch. 🤗
Normal is when 90% of startup businesses fail. 70% between years two and five.
Don’t be Normal, Be Extraordinary, start with your Gut.

Pain is the ultimate messenger,
learn it’s language and you will win more often.
Pain is not just Physical

I help reduce the Signal to Noise📶 ratio so you and your team experiences less friction and are more focused on the important things for your growth.🚥

I’ve been fortunate to travel to 35 countries.
Playing, eating, working and experiencing cultures. I pray I’ll visit yours too.

Sometimes all one needs is a different perspective

Reach out to chat about your project. I enjoy collaborating on social impact ventures. You may book a call here .

Stay Blessed,