What Clients Said

I wanted to send you a thank you note for your quick personal response regarding our daughter Mia that has been diagnosed with Crohn’s when she was 11.  Joel has been a great resource to help us find an alternate solution to immunosuppressant medication that our daughter has been taking for 2 years. Lots of new therapies we are looking into right now,  and we are planning to stop the heavy medication in the next few weeks, and start a real healing journey, not just a “bandage”
I just wanted to send you a quick reply to thank you for putting all your energy into One Great Gut. My daughter Mia is now off medication for over 2 months, she is doing really well and we hope that it will stay like that. It is because of people like you that give alternative solutions, gives you samples of people thriving without heavy meds and surgery. Thank you for making this world a better world.

Pascal – Business Owner – Hawaii 

If had met Joel and One Great Gut when I was diagnosed, I wouldn’t have needed my surgeries.  I became immune to Prednisone and needed two pull-through surgeries, now my Jpouch sometimes has ulcers. Probiotics help. Back then there was no Joel. 
Seth – New York

I find Joel is very knowledgeable on gut issues.  I appreciate the wealth of information backed by research or proven results. It is not easy to navigate all the available therapies and research, especially when your IBD condition is not under control and you’re searching for answers, already in a weakened condition and often with dwindling resources. Joel extracts the best of the heap, so to speak, and offers the information in an unbiased way enabling us to plan a course of action and also offering alternative therapies to promote healing rather than covering the symptoms. My personal experience is that he suggested a natural supplement readily available in heath food stores that stopped my bleeding and that I still now take to heal my gut. This was unbelievable to me as I had been struggling with Ulcerative Colitis for 20 years and no one, including naturopaths had suggested that.  To me this is invaluable because navigating the waters of IBD is a personal journey and often much trial and error to find the healing solution, which involves a number of different modalities and more than just the body. One Great Gut is an invaluable resource for that and much needed to save precious time, energy and resources.
Nadija Szram – Fine Artist at Artlantia Galleria in  Vancouver Canada 

I was in hospital awaiting surgery to have my bowel removed due to Ulcerative Colitis. I was scared, and felt there must be alternatives but all the doctors told me the same thing. They said surgery was the only way to overcome the disease and to avoid other implications including septic shock, which could be fatal.  Joel and I had several chats while I was in hospital which was very encouraging. Two weeks later I was discharged from hospital. And yes, I avoided surgery.  When I returned home after one month in hospital I had another consultation with Joel which was just what I needed at the time.  Joel listened to me, he understood me and I was able to understand him as he shared his experience with the same disease. My connection with Joel gave me hope that I can continue to fight this disease. If you are confused, scared, or overwhelmed with all the information regarding IBD, then do yourself a favor and talk to Joel.
Adam – Husband, Father, Entrepreneur and Guitar Player – Australia

I owe you my life.

Thank you for having that conversation with me 2 years ago. I really believe you saved his life. He is such a healthy, bright and happy boy and that might not be the case if we didn’t have that conversation 2 years ago. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for changing the course of health for my son. 
Jessica – Mother, Wife and Business Manager

You have helped me more than you’ll ever know, Joel! Perhaps you were meant to come back into my life to bring it back into perspective. An angel of sorts? I can’t explain it. But you have definitely made me start thinking about what really is important in life.

“Joel, your response to illness is not ordinary.”
Jimcy Platholi Assistant Professor of Neuroscience in Anesthesiology at Weill Cornell Medicine

Joel Sprechman is a man on a mission with a cause that comes through his own personal heroic quest for survival, thriving health & truth seeking. While his own health challenges may have initially inspired him to seek answers & find solutions, what he has uncovered & his unshakeable passion to inspire, educate & empower others is deeply inspiring to me. Combining systems thinking, with a gift for asking what else is possible, his passionate inspired voice seasoned by his own journey is one to listen to in the evolution of our healthcare system.
ohnny Blackburn

I have been so impressed by Joel’s expertise in gut health! He has built an exceptional community to draw unique insights from and quickly pass them along to the many people who suffer from gut problems. Joel is sincerely committed to helping people feel better so they can live out their potential free from pain and unpredictable trips to the bathroom! 
Dr. Heather Sandison

Joel, you are a shaman, you know how to weave energy that inspires others to a higher level of understanding and a new perspective.
ori Quente Gallegos – Peruvian Shaman

To solve big problems, I believe it takes a bold vision and outside of the box thinking. Joel and One Great Gut are working to create meaningful change for IBD patients that transcends the current dogma and paints a bright picture of future possibilities.
Dr. Jason Klop

I am so honored and excited to have meet Joel and his community at One Great Gut. It’s a group that I wish was around when I began navigating the world of chronic illness. Joel is creating connections, spreading awareness, and providing resources to all people struggling with IBD or any chronic illness. Their Mission: A world without digestive ailments. They are providing people with the knowledge and empowerment to heal themselves, change their lives, and find support in one another. A beautiful and inspiring thing to watch.
Paulina Riedler –  Registered Nurse and Clinical Operations Consultant

From the Crohn’s And Colitis Summit I hosted

“A friend passed along your Crohn’s Colitis Summit and I’ve been wanting to send a huge Thank You. All the information you shared came at the absolute best timing. I have been struggling with Crohn’s and I feel like all of these doors are opening that I didn’t know were there. Thank You forever for exposing me to all kind of new information and inspiring stories.”
Erin – Design Engineer – California

“It’s convenient to have all this information gathered in one place, and be able to pick the most interesting topics. Much of it can be found online, but it takes time to research, and often you don’t know what to search for. This is an excellent starting place! 
Maria – Sweden

“There was an incredible amount of info on ways to help heal your gut and I thought Joel was amazing.
Robyn – New Zealand

“I owe a debt of gratitude to Joel Sprechman. Even after doing this for around six months I was seeing some results(greatly reduced cramping and diarrhea), I was getting frustrated and started to lose faith/hope. After listening to his self healing guest speakers at the symposium I was reinvigorated with hope.”
Evan – Canada

“Joel was spectacular! I had very little hope that I would derive any value from this summit, but Joel’s interviewing skill’s really helped to bring out the stories and the raw, true, discussions with people as if they were my closest friends and family sharing their unflattering secrets with me. I greatly appreciated that. And the speaker lineup was very good too”
Mark – Wealth Consultant – Ohio

“I really liked Joel’s disposition, his honesty, the way in which he infused appropriate humor and anecdote into his interview responses. Very nice balance between professional and personal”
Lori – Australia